We Demanded Humanitarian Aid for Gaza

"My parents were murdered on October 7th, but there are Israeli hostages in Gaza that are still alive... I'm demonstrating today because we cannot accept the situation in which hostages and Gaza residents are dying of hunger. In retrospect, it will be clear that humanitarian aid is a moral duty - and I want as many people as possible to understand it right now."

The blockade won't stop us

The IDF prevented us from planting olive trees with the farmers of Deir Istiya. But we won't let a checkpoint stop us! The olive saplings, purchased thanks to hundreds of Zazim members, were planted by the Palestinian farmers.

Dear President Biden: The humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip

The war in the Gaza Strip has been underway for more than nine weeks, ever since Hamas carried out its horrific and criminal attack on Israeli civilians, which included killing more than 1,200 people and kidnapping some 250 to Gaza – among them Israeli civilians, foreign nationals and children. Immediately after the attack, and in a speech you later gave in Israel, you made it clear that Israel has the right to defend itself, while emphasizing it must do so only in accordance with the provisions of international law, and particularly the rules of war.

An amazing victory for our community and democracy

An amazing victory for our community and democracy! Last week Itamr Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security of Israel, planned a government vote on radical changes to the decisions of the Or Committee, changes that would allow to open fire at protestors blocking traffic routes needed by the army. We immediately began a Zazim campaign demanding cabinet members to veto the changes.

Emergency call to the international community - stop the forcible transfer in the West Bank  

We, the undersigned human rights and civil society NGOs in Israel, call on the international community to act urgently to stop the state-backed wave of settler violence which has led, and is leading to, the forcible transfer of Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

Statement by members of the human rights community in Israel

We, members of the undersigned human rights organizations in Israel, are shocked and  horrified in these dreadful days.

Our Action Against Gender Segregation

An amazing victory! The Attorney-General has halted the plan for gender-segregation in nature reserves after we submitted to her more than 125,000 signatures against the segregation. This victory wouldn’t have happened without our community!

Justice for Iyad – Palestinian lives matter

Last week (17.8) , we came together with other Zazim members to submit over 7,200 signatures to the State Attorney office, demanding him to appeal the vile ruling that acquitted the police officer who cold-bloodedly shot dead Iyad al-Hallaq - an innocent young man with special needs, who got shot simply for

That's how we acted in Homesh

Teargas and stun grenades - this is how the IDF welcomed us this morning (7.7.23) . Hundreds of activists, Israelis and Palestinians, who marched together in demand to dismantle the illegal outpost Homesh.

We did it! Geffen can stay in Israel

We stopped the deportation of an 8-year-old girl and her mother! This happened thanks to the work of our community: more than 41,000 Zazim members joined our campaign for Geffen Getahon

Separation of Religion and State

on Wednesday (29.3) More than 1,000 brave women answered our call, and came to demonstrate together at the Chief Rabbinate in Tel Aviv and thousands of others chipped in and donated so that we can protest against the proposed law to expand the religious courts’ control over our lives. Standing together, shoulder to shoulder, we represented the more than 43,000 Zazim members who signed our petition on “My Zazim” against the law.

The Fight for Democracy in Israel

We, the undersigned citizens of the world, from movements representing tens of millions around the globe and in Israel, condemn the aggressive, anti - democratic legislation proposed by the Israeli government, we stand in solidarity with the citizen of Israel who have been fighting for democracy and taking to the streets in hundreds of thousands for the past 12 weeks.

Our action plan against the Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government - the member survey results

Thousands of Zazim members answered the member survey we sent out with the swearing in of the Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government, and thanks to the answers, we created an action plan to stand up to this new government that is working to undermine the basic rights of all os us

In the face on the violence, Supporting Palestinian farmers

Last Friday (11.11.22) , dozens of Zazim members, together with Rabbis for Human Rights and Peace Now, joined Palestinian farmers in the West Bank village of as-Sawiya to harvest olives together

rides to the polls

we had the immense honor of meeting some of the hundreds of volunteers, who came from all over the country to drive thousands of fellow-citizens to the ballot-box. we met the impressive local activists who led this inspiring initiative, and also the Bedouin women voters themselves, who insisted on their democratic right to vote.

Our Protest: “We Say No to Deporting Kids!”

Hundreds joined forces in Kikar haBimah (HaBimah Square) in a powerful protest to stand with the children of foreign workers and demand that the government fairly resolve their status once and for all.

Our Message to President Biden

These are the posters that we hung all over Jerusalem in advance of Biden’s visits -- issuing a clear call that he demand Prime Minister Lapid prevent the massive operation to build outposts

We demanded an end to night raids arresting Palestinian children

Together with “Parents Against Child Arrests”, we protested in front of the Kibbutz where IDF Central Command Head Major General Yehuda Fuchs resides, demanding that he use his authority to end night raid arrests of Palestinian children.

Victory is won on the Arava Highway!

The public pressure campaign, led by Arava-area activists and thousands of Zazim members who signed on, has succeeded! The Minister of Transportation has officially announced that the road will be widened.

A dose of hope

Hundreds of Zazim members stood by our partners in Jaffa and in Burqa

From Despair to Hope - Walking Tours of Jaffa’s “Absentee Properties”

Dozens of Zazim members joined walking tours in Jaffa during the holy month of Ramadan to get to know the residents’ and the fight for their homes in the face of looming displacement

From Despair to Hope - Walking Tours of Jaffa’s “Absentee Properties”

Dozens of Zazim members joined walking tours in Jaffa during the holy month of Ramadan to get to know the residents’ and the fight for their homes in the face of looming displacement

More than 20 million people demand: sanctions on Putin now!

An open letter to Foreign Minister Yair Lapid about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Solidarity with the residents of Burin

Hundreds of Israeli activists came to Burin last Friday and planted saplings on the village’s lands, shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestinian residents.

Solidarity with the residents of Burin

Hundreds of Israeli activists came to Burin last Friday and planted saplings on the village’s lands, shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestinian residents.

Thanks to you we take action in 2022

Thanks to you, we can take action throughout all of 2022. With our highly-trained team taken care of and equipped with the digital infrastructure we need, we can respond rapidly during moments of crisis, and we can win major victories

We’re ready thanks to you - bring on 2022

Because of your monthly donations, we will fight on in 2022 for freedom, equality, and justice

We stopped Danielle's deportation!

Thanks to more than 14,000 Zazim members who joined the campaign against the deportation - Danielle, a seven year old girl, and her mother Kultida will stay in Israel

Solidarity with Palestinian human rights organizations

We demanded the reversal of Benny Gantz’s draconian decision to declare Palestinian human rights organizations illegal

Our Power Against Settler Violence

With a rising tide of settler violence, we went out to harvest olives with Palestinian farmers

A win for wildlife in Israel

Thanks to our public pressure campaign, we saved the unique ecosystem of the Ayalon Cave from a construction project - and this win is just the beginning

This is how we resisted the racist law

Thanks to over 500 Zazim members, hundreds of families could apply for status and reunification

Zazim and the new government - Survey results

A big thank you to the thousands of Zazim members who answered this survey. Here are the results:

The Residents of Ras at-Tin are in Danger

At the height of the recent heat wave, the IDF’s Civil Administration confiscated the water containers of Ras at-Tin, leaving the villagers to suffer in the scorching sun

We Demanded a Ceasefire

Over 3,000 Zazim activists demanded an end to the fighting in Gaza

We encouraged voting turnout and worked toward more transparency in the elections

Thousands were exposed to the true values ​​of the candidates and to our messages encouraging voting

Food security for Unrecognized Villages

Thanks to donations from hundreds of activists, residents of unrecognized villages in the Negev can now too receive food stamps

An inspirational evening of solidarity with the Filipino community

More than one thousand people donated and hundreds more came to support migrant mothers and their children

COVID Vaccines for Palestinians - the next step

We put up posters in Hebrew and Arabic, demanding to send vaccines to the Palestinians

We continued to fight for Palestinian rights during covid crisis

Our community won't allow Palestinians to be left behind

End Police Violence - Ohana and Guetta, go home!

With police violence against protesters reaching new heights, we called for the removal of Police Chief Superintendent Guetta and the resignation of Public Security Minister Ohana

We Demand Bibi Be Deemed Unfit for Office

More than 14,000 Zazim members called on Netanyahu to take a forced leave of absence

We demanded that the PIID stop the violence

6,000 members of Zazim joined the call demanding the police and the PIID fire Chief Superintendent Guetta

Stopping the Cable Car to the Old City

We took join action to stop the far-right’s Old City cable car initiative, intended to drastically damage daily life in Palestinian East Jerusalem

Zazim are on the bridges

Thanks to small donations from Zazim community members our voice against the Corona dictatorship was heard across the country

We called on ministers to stop the Corona dictatorship

We submitted over 23,000 signatures calling to stop the Shin Bet citizens's surveillance

We showed up at Gantz's house

More than 20,000 members joined our call to stop the Corona dictatorship. After Gantz's team dismissed us, we decided to show up at his house with megaphones and signs:

Justice for Iyad

More than 5,000 members joined a campaign demanding to release the footage showing the killing of Iyad al-Hallaq

We called on Gantz to stop annexation

Thousands signed a letter calling on the Defense Minister to prevent the annexation of the West Bank

We made it to 200,000

We started in 2015 and now Zazim is 200,000 members, Jews and Arabs, working together to advance our values

Covid-19 and the fall of democracy

Netanyahu and his allies have been using the pandemic as cover - our community is fighting back.

Our answer to the Coronavirus crisis

Today we launched our new hotline for economic rights - helping thousands who were laid off, can’t afford rent, or are otherwise negatively impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.

When they cut down trees, we plant hope

More than 200 Israeli activists came to stand shoulder to shoulder with Palestinian residents of Yasuf, and plant new olive trees in place of the ones uprooted by settlers.

Shoulder to shoulder, we harvested with the farmers in Burin

Hundreds of Zazim members donated to bring dozens of activists to support the village of Burin in their olive harvest

Fighting for the right to vote for 50,000 Bedouin citizens

This is a fight for basic equality and democracy - and this is what the Likud is trying to prevent.

We blocked racist surveillance in polling stations!

Thanks to our community of thousands, we prevented voter suppression in Arab communities.

Teachers demand the removal of Education Minister Rafi Peretz

Yifat Ben Dov, a teacher and Zazim member, launched a campaign demanding PM Benjamin Netanyahu fire Education Minister Rafi Peretz

Our fight against deporting children

Danielle Levy, a teacher, and Avi Ofer, an activist, did not stand by while the state chose to deport kids

message to Eurovision, from a blockaded Gaza

Thanks to donations from dozens of Zazim activists, we put hundreds of posters up in public spaces with messages from Gazan youth