Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy: When using our services, we may retain some personally identifiable information about you, and all in order to provide you with the services or some of them. Therefore, this privacy policy explains what information is processed, how is it stored, who gets access to it and how can you review it or remove it.

How do we collect information? We collect information in two ways. The first is through the information you fill in forms and during your use of the services and the other is via your activity and engagement in the website.

What do we collect? We collect the information you provide through the campaigns or when registering, including your contact information, the content of your messages, the campaigns you participated, your website activity and your activity in other social services, as well as your shares through social networks via the website. We will also collect the information gathered by the services such as the web pages you viewed, the content you responded to and your preferences when using the services, such as your browser type, screen resolution, whether you use a mobile device, your IP address and similar information.

Who do we send the information to? If you participated in a campaign, then we will send the recipient some of the information; in any case the information conveyed is minimal (your name and city), unless we need to pass more information. Also, we may send some information to our subcontractors, clearing companies, invoicing services and similar services, to provide you with the services.

Will we spam you? We will not spam (meaning sending advertisements) unless you request. However, if you register through participating in a campaign or in another manner, we may send you updates for other campaigns from time to time, which may include other organization’s information.

How can you review your information? you can always review your information by sending an email to

What third party services do we use?

 for the campaigns we may use third party services such as Facebook Connect, Google Analytics, ActionKit, ActionSprout , Action network, Google Connect,     Twitter,     Amazon AWS,     RapidSSL, MyFax, Each of these may have its own privacy policy, and you should read them.