About us

Zazim is the largest campaigning community in Israel. We are a movement of citizens, Arabs and Jews, working together for democracy, equality, and joint, active civic engagement. We are political- our campaigns target decision-makers and raise the hot topics on the public agenda; but we are not partisan- Zazim is an independent movement, brought together by shared values of human rights, combatting the occupation and racism, and social and environmental justice. Our primary vehicle is online tools that enable us to quickly reach a wide audience, and through which we initiate campaigns and actions both online and offline. 

We believe that each and every persons’ voice is worth more than one ballot every few years, and that active and critical civic engagement is essential to any democracy. Our campaigns enable our movement activists to make their voices heard, engage and have an impact all year round during formative, decision-making moments. We are not connected to the government’s systems and don’t employ lobbyists in the halls of power, but rather are convinced that people power – when channeled in a focused and efficient manner – can change the reality on the ground. 

Zazim has sister organizations in various countries in east and central Europe and the UK, including Campact in Germany, Declic in Romania, Akcja Demokracja in Poland, ahang in Hungary, aufstehn in Austria, 38 Degrees in the UK and Kreni-Promeni in Serbia. Most of us face similar challenges from the extreme right and populist forces driving to weaken democratic institutions. Each of the organizations acts independently in its country for a better present and future. We use the knowledge and experience of our sister organizations in order to create successful, victorious campaigns and serve our community to the best of our ability.