We Won't Be Silenced

The draconian law banning the Palestinian flag wasn’t approved yet by the Knesset, but the Israeli police controlled by the extreme right wing minister Ben Gvir is already enforcing it violently.Especially now, as the government threatens to renew the Judicial Coup legislation crushing democracy in Israel, we must fight any attempt to limit protest and freedom of speech, whether it's the Palestinian flag or the Pride flag - and that's why we took a risk and launched the campaign as quickly as possible

Marching on Homesh

While the government is encouraging the extremist “Hilltop Youth” and Ben Gvir is calling on settlers to “run to [settle] the hills” - it’s our time to take action and fight back: On July 7th, we will show up to the illegal outpost “Homesh” with a broad coalition of groups, led by Peace Now, and demand it be dismantled.

supporting palestinian farmers against settler violence

Violent settlers seize the olive harvest and the opportunities it affords to attack Palestinians and their property even more than usual. The livelihood generated from the olives harvested provides a primary portion of the annual income for these farmers and their families So much depends on the harvest, and that’s exactly why we must stand with, and show up for, these Palestinian communities

Our right to choose

The right to abortion and many other rights that we thought were a given here in Israel are now in danger of being taken from us. 
chip in so this  billboard  is seen on buses all over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv before the next elections:

Launching Rides to the Polls, November 2022

The Knesset Elections Committee rejected a petition to establish polling stations in the Negev’s unrecognized Bedouin villages. Without a nearby place to vote, and without public transportation or access to a car, countless residents will be forced to forgo their right to votes.
chip in for voting rights:

We won't give in to settler terror

Settlers attacked activists who had come to plant trees with Palestinian farmers in the West Bank village of Burin. Now, unintimidated by settler terror, even more activists are going back there - join us and support this act of solidarity.

Your decision for 2022

Thanks to you, we’ll come into next year prepared, with our top-notch team and the infrastructure we need to respond rapidly in a moment of crisis or to mobilize towards a big win.

Solidarity with Palestinian human rights defenders

Gantz’s draconian decision exploits authoritarian tactics to silence and suffocate the struggle for Palestinian human rights. Join our call now to overturn this dangerous decision:

Our response to this racist law

More than 500 Zazim members helped hundreds of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. Show your support for Zazim now so that together, we can keep showing up and struggling for every community in need

COVID Vaccines to the Palestinians

Israel has enough supply to vaccinate all relevant population. Providing vaccines for Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank is a moral obligation

No to racism. No to annexation.

Trump’s and Netanyahu’s annexation plan will officially plunge Israel into apartheid, and destroy any chance for peace or a just future. We cannot let that happen: