Our response to this racist law

More than 500 Zazim members helped hundreds of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. Show your support for Zazim now so that together, we can keep showing up and struggling for every community in need

There’s no mandate for this war

Every minute more of war costs lives and moves us nowhere. Join us now in demanding a ceasefire

COVID Vaccines to the Palestinians

Israel has enough supply to vaccinate all relevant population. Providing vaccines for Palestinians in Gaza and in the West Bank is a moral obligation

Covid-19, Dictator 2020

Netanyahu has been using the devastating Coronavirus crisis to delay his trial and pass anti-democratic legislation. But now Israelis are saying enough. Join the fight now:

No to racism. No to annexation.

Trump’s and Netanyahu’s annexation plan will officially plunge Israel into apartheid, and destroy any chance for peace or a just future. We cannot let that happen:

Support our work in this critical time

Whether it’s the 2,300 Zazim members who forced the Health Ministry to publish its critical coronavirus updates also in Arabic, or the thousands more who joined the urgent call to prevent a humanitarian crisis among asylum seekers - in this time of crisis, community care and solidarity is more necessary than ever.

Now, in response to the economic fallout of the pandemic, we are launching a digital rights center together with Rabbis for Human Rights and the Forum for the Struggle Against Poverty, which will provide support in realtime - in Hebrew and Arabic - to thousands needing answers about unemployment benefits, unlawful rent hikes or layoffs, and more. 

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