In the face on the violence, Supporting Palestinian farmers


Last Friday, dozens of Zazim members, together with Rabbis for Human Rights and Peace Now, joined Palestinian farmers in  the West Bank village of as-Sawiya to harvest olives together. Yonatan, our technology director who joined the harvest, reflected on the day: 

“thanks to our showing up, the farmers harvested more trees this Friday than they usually could. Kids from the community came out and joined the activists, and were laughing and having fun., Aand all that was possible because of the calm and sense of security that we brought with us.”

This only happened thanks to the dozens of Zazim members who pitched in to cover the costs of transportation or joined the harvest itself -- and that fills me with hope. Yet, when I remember the day to day reality for Palestinian farmers and their families, I know that there is so much more we can do. And now, with the extreme-right taking the reins and setting the agenda, and with rising incidents of settler violence, one act of solidarity isn’t enough.

In the weeks and months to come, our movement will be called to act, to be bigger and bolder than we’ve been before; we are needed now more than ever. A monthly donation to Zazim helps us be big and bold: it allows us to respond immediately to rapid developments, it amplifies our voice and grows our power even as the reality runs rightwards.

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