COVID Vaccines for Palestinians - the next step


Thanks to 5,000 members who joined our call to deliver COVID vaccines to the Palestinians, Israel will deliver 5,000 vaccines to the West Bank.

But it is far from being enough - the virus keeps spreading and thousands of lives on both sides are on the line.

To pressure Israel’s government to make the only just, moral and competent decision and to transfer enough vaccines to the Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza, we put up posters in Hebrew and Arabic, close to the Health Ministry in Jerusalem and next to the vaccination center in Tel-Aviv. 

The posters, which were funded by small donations from Zazim members, demand to send vaccines to the Palestinians, with the slogan: “Vaccines stop at the checkpoint - COVID does not”. 

COVID vaccinations are a life and death issue. It has been a difficult year for all of us, and vaccines are a desperately needed ray of hope. 

Providing vaccines for the Palestinians living under occupation is the state’s legal duty, as well as our moral duty as human beings. And it is our community’s duty to raise our voice on this discrimination.