Our action plan against the Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government - the member survey results


Thousands of Zazim members answered the member survey we sent out with the swearing in of the Netanyahu-Ben Gvir government, and thanks to the answers, we created an action plan to stand up to this new government that is working to undermine the basic rights of all os us - Palestinians, women, LGBTQ, undocumented people, and more. These are the issues that most concern our community:

Our movement is clear that the plan to eliminate judicial independence and review is the most critical fight we are facing, and its outcome will determine whether we will move to a new regime of tyranny of the majority, where the ruling coalition and government have unlimited and unchecked power. It will also determine how we will be able to continue the fight for our basic rights. In the last weeks we joined the mass demonstrations against the dangerous plan, and we are rapidly scaling up our efforts, printing signs and banners and organizing volunteers - especially as Ben Gvir declared his intent to use the full force of the police to suppress the protests.

This is what our members think about how to continue the fight against the occupation and oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem:

Over the last few months, we quickly organized massive petitions with tens of thousands of member signatures in response to the government’s plans to undermine LGBTQ and women’s rights, and to insert racist ideology into the education system. We put up billboards to echo our values in the public sphere, and made it clear to the new ministers that we will not compromise an inch over our rights.

Now is the time for us to deepen our organizing with local actions that can build up power, to identify the targets where we have the best chance of winning, and to scale up our organizational capacity for rapid response campaigns that will leave no insidious governmental plan unanswered - which are the strategies that our members chose for going forward:

Maybe you know that Zazim is part of a network with sister organizations in different countries, including Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Our friends there shared with us their successful strategies for fighting against far-right regimes that target the rights of women and the LGBTQ community, destroy judicial oversight and the free press, and restrict freedom of speech and assembly. All underscored the importance of local campaigns - and that is exactly what our members thought as well in answering whether we should focus on municipal-level campaigns led by local activists in the lead-up to the municipal elections at the end of the year:

In order to succeed in defending our rights, and to put our members’ strategic plan into action, we need your support. Small donations by our members are the secret weapon that makes all of our work possible. To support Zazim with a one-time donation click here, and to join our family of sustaining members with a montly donation which will ensure our independence, click here.