We’re ready thanks to you - bring on 2022


We recently sent the more-than-250,000 Zazim members messages asking them to support our work with a monthly donation. Our terrific team and some amazing Zazim members who signed themselves up for the task have spent many moments since doing outreach to this community over Whatsapp, text, and phone. Throughout this month, it has been a meaningful mission for us to undertake, not only because we succeeded in growing our circle of supporters, but because we were able to connect personally with, and hear directly from, Zazim members. We had an opportunity to know what you have to say, and we got tons of questions, responses to our work, and encouraging words that warmed our hearts -- thank you!

The vast majority of our donations come in peak moments -- either a climactic crisis or a major victory. That support is so important, and we appreciate every donation of every amount. But only monthly sustaining gifts enable us to take action for the long-term and know that we have the backing of a movement, and a budget, at our backs. Even when the pandemic is raging and its much more challenging to mobilize and make our activism happen -- the monthly donations are what make our ability to keep being there for you and your values. They make it possible to provide a fair salary to our terrific Zazim team who give their all to our members year-round, leading campaigns and advancing our shared goals in the streets, on the ground, and across social media. Monthly donations are also what cover our maintenance costs: the upkeep and upgrades for the technological tools that make it possible to move fast and mobilize tens of thousands.

In these past months, around 40,000 of us spoke out to stop the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s initiative to gender-segregate water springs -- and we won. And even more recently, thanks to over 14,000 of us who took action in addition to powerful public protest -- we ensured that the Minister of the Interior would cancel the planned deportation of Danielle Lev and her mother Kultida. 

It is thanks to your support that we enter this year knowing that we will keep taking action -- together, and towards a more just and equal society. We will stand firm and united against the tactics of the extreme right, and we will push the government and local authorities, big corporations and powerful institutions -- so that we all can share a better future in this place.