Our Power Against Settler Violence


On Friday, October 22nd, we showed up. I joined 150 Zazim members and activists from Rabbis for Human Rights in the Nablus-area village of Burin to support the olive harvest.


I was so moved to see the solidarity of these activists who’d shown up to harvest shoulder to shoulder with the village residents - residents who one week earlier were violently attacked by settlers - and to know that hundreds more members had made it possible by chipping in to cover the costs of buses. 

A village resident asked me to pass along this message:

We suffer from the settlers’ harassment and violence on a daily basis, but because you came, we can harvest in areas that we otherwise couldn’t have accessed. We appreciate your coming - thank you for helping us to harvest.” 

Our community knows full well that just one act isn’t enough in the face of increasing violence against Palestinians.

 Extreme violence from the settlers is reaching new horrifying heights, and the state is doing nothing to stop it. 

While the settlers choose violence; while the government opts to entrench occupation; while the police and army tie their own hands - civil society organizations are choosing solidarity and taking action together with Palestinian partners, day in and day out. In recent months, we demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, fundraised for the Atta'a Assistance Center for the Rights of East Jerusalem Residents to hire a Family Reunification Coordinator to help East Jerusalem families be together, and just now, hundreds of Zazim members chipped in and volunteered to support West Bank farmers and families during the olive harvest season. Our member support helps us do even more for Palestinian rights, more to combat violence and end occupation.