Justice for Iyad – Palestinian lives matter


Last week (17.8) , we came together with other Zazim members to submit over 7,200 signatures to the State Attorney office, demanding him to appeal the vile ruling that acquitted the police officer who cold-bloodedly shot dead Iyad al-Hallaq - an innocent young man with special needs, who got shot simply for being a Palestinian.

The campaign calling on State Attorney Aisman to use his authority and appeal the racist acquittal, was initiated by Zazim members in Israel. Together we mobilized thousands, took the streets and voiced a crucial message – Palestinian lives matter.

The State Attorney is our last chance to get justice to Iyad and his family. Nothing will bring Iyad back, but appealing the racist verdict will send an important message to the Smotriches and Ben-Gvirs in the government, and the police officers and soldiers on the terrain – maybe this will make them stop next time, before they shoot dead an innocent young man.


in the picture: Zazim protest at the State Attorney's Office (16.8.23)