We encouraged voting turnout and worked toward more transparency in the elections


The run-up to the March 2021 elections which were characterized by despair and mistrust in the political system as well as a multiplicity of parties. In Zazim, we acted on two levels: we developed a tool to encourage voting and highlighted the true positions of the various party candidates.

To the polls! In the weeks leading up to the elections and on election day itself, we worked on an operation to encourage voting. Thanks to donations from hundreds of activists, we designed a chatbot and texted hundreds of thousands of voters with our encouraging messaging.

Grab bag: So that every voter will have more information about who better represents their values ​​in the Knesset, and so that we as citizens won’t be given a “grab bag” — we collected the pressing issues in our community and sent questions regarding them directly to the leaders of the political parties. Thanks to the support of many members of Zazim, we posted the answers online and in the streets — on billboards in front of major polling stations.

Thank you to everyone who acted with us! To those who wrote us words of encouragement, to those who donated time or money and to those who persuaded friends to go out and vote.

It will take time to repair the destruction wrought by our past governments but it’s doable and it’s up to us: citizens that are prepared to take responsibility. In the face of conservative and homopobic forces, years of incitement and crushing of rule of law, racism, occupation and discrimination — we are here to stay!