Separation of Religion and State


on Wednesday (29.3) More than 1,000 brave women answered our call, and came to demonstrate together at the Chief Rabbinate in Tel Aviv and thousands of others chipped in and donated so that we can protest against the proposed law to expand the religious courts’ control over our lives. Standing together, shoulder to shoulder, we represented the more than 43,000 Zazim members who signed our petition on “My Zazim” against the law.

Our community has been in the fight for women’s rights long before Wednesday. Only in the past year, over 40,000 Zazim members signed a petition to block gender segregation in natural springs in national parks - our pressure worked, and the segregation was overturned. Together with a broad coalition with women’s rights organizations, tens of thousands of us demanded to cancel the ‘abortion committees’ and to allow free access to abortion for all women. And more than 80,000 Zazim members joined the call against gender segregation in public events.

We proved our community’s power again and again, as well as our deep commitment to defending women’s rights. What began as a petition of tens of thousands against the proposed law, turned into a moving protest in the streets.

Donate for the Cause

Picture: This is how it looked on the ground.
 Credit: Keren Manor