We blocked racist surveillance in polling stations!


Netanyahu and his Likud party again seemingly tried to mess with the elections by intimidating Arab voters into staying home.

Likud had announced they would invest over 2,000,000NIS ($615,000) to place cameras and right-wing activists inside polling stations, even accompanied by security guards. They asked the Central Elections Committee to authorize their racist, anti-democratic scheme.  

To stop the move, thousands of Zazim activists demanded that Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer and the Central Elections Committee reject Likud’s plans. We insisted they immediately block this massive attack taking place in Arab polling stations against the secrecy of the ballot, proper democratic processes, and the value of equality.

In response to over 4,000 Zazim members taking action, Justice Melcer invited us to join as an official party to the Knesset hearing on the matter, where we again called on him to disqualify the Likud’s racist plot to install cameras at the polls in Arab communities. 

Thankfully, our struggle was a success! The Central Elections Committee prohibited Likud and any party from installing cameras in the polling stations in Arab communities. Together, we will stay strong, standing on guard for the good of democracy, equality, and Arab-Jewish partnership.