A win for wildlife in Israel


 We saved the world-renowned Ayalon Cave! The unique cave, near Tel Aviv, which is next to Ramle, contains an ecosystem unique to the world.  But a construction plan threatened to direct runoff water from the Ayalon River into the cave, and destroy the unique life forms. Thanks to our public pressure campaign, the National Infrastructure Committee canceled the dangerous plan, saving the rare species from being wiped out. 

When Shemesh Ya’aran, a cave researcher who studied the Ayalon Cave, heard of the construction plan, he leapt into action - and  launched a campaign on “My Zazim” calling to immediately cancel the plan.Over 10,000 Zazim members signed on to the demand, and Shemesh Ya’aran delivered their signatures directly to the National Infrastructure Objections Committee discussions.

After our win, Shemesh Ya’aran passed on this message to our members: “Thanks to the public pressure by the over 10,000 activists who joined the campaign, the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority listened to our demand and changed its tune,  and we succeeded in saving the Ayalon Cave! Thank you to all the incredible activists.”

The National Infrastructure Committee’s decision proves once again: when we act together, we have an immense ability to make change! 

 In this campaign, we saw that the mobilization of our community members, and their simple act of signing the petition, can save an entire ecosystem - in effect, an entire world.