Thanks to you we take action in 2022


Recently, we've sent 250,000 Zazim members messages and emails asking for your support with a monthly donation.

Our stellar staff and terrific team of dedicated volunteers reached out to our community here in Israel via Whatsapp, through texts, and by calls. It was a meaningful month of mobilization, not only because we succeeded in expanding our circle of monthly donors, but because we were able to connect personally with you, our community -- we got to chat and hear what our amazing Zazim members have to say. We received a huge amount of responses, questions about what's next, and encouraging words that warmed our hearts - thank you!


The vast majority of our donations come during high-intensity moments - whether a crisis or a critical victory. That’s vital, and we deeply appreciate every donation we receive. But it’s only with the regularity of monthly donations that we are able to take action for the long-term and to know we have a set budget to rely on. Especially now,  with the corona crisis again spiraling out of control, it’s much harder than usual to do our activism impactfully - but monthly donations make it possible for us to continue to be there with our community, and be there for the causes we hold dear. It allows us to pay our hard-working staff a fair wage to lead our campaigns; and to advance our common goals and win, online and in the streets. Monthly donations mean we can take care of strengthening the tools we need to mobilize digitally, ensuring that we’re always able to move tens of thousands of people into action in a flash.


In the past few months, 40,000 of us raised our voices to stop the Parks and Nature Authority’s plan to gender-segregate public springs - and we won. And even more recently, over 14,000 of us took action on-the-ground and online - and through our powerful public campaign, we pressured the Interior Minister to cancel the deportation of seven-year old Danielle Lev and her mom, Kultida.


This year, we’ll work together for equality in our society, take on the extreme right and their schemes, and continue pressuring the government and local authorities, corporations and institutions - so that we all may know a better future. We can do all this because -- and only because -- of you, and because of the support of so many Zazim members like you.