Our Action Against Gender Segregation


An amazing victory! The Attorney-General has halted the plan for gender-segregation in nature reserves after we submitted to her more than 125,000 signatures against the segregation. This victory wouldn’t have happened without our community!

We received the news of the victory on Thursday (10.8) as we were protesting against the plan for gender segregation and ethnic exclusion at one of the plan's pilots – Ein Haniya, a spring in the heart of the Palestinian village of al-Walajeh, where a barrier is being built to prevent village residents from access to the spring. The Ben-Gvir police waited for us there, in a failed (and illegal) attempt to prevent a completely legal demonstration.

Facing a settler-led, misogynist government, determined to trample on everyone's rights and solidify a regime of Jewish supremacy that will repress Palestinians, women, LGBT and any expression of liberty, we must be more flexible and creative than ever.


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Photo: Our demonstration in Ein Haniya, 10.8.23