The Residents of Ras at-Tin are in Danger


During a recent heat wave and ahead of the major Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, Civil Administration authorities with soldiers and border policemen in tow, burst into the hamlet of Ras at-Tin, a Palestinian village near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. They poured out the water that the families’ had saved and then confiscated the large water containers, as well as the sheep dwellings and tractors, that the residents depend on. They left dozens of people and hundreds of animals to dehydrate. If that weren’t enough, the army shut down movement in the area and prevented the residents from receiving any water until the following day

Despite the fact that this area is registered as private Palestinian land, it appears that the Civil Adminstration chose to capitulate to right-wing settler pressure, and to wreak havoc on the most marginalized. The Defense Ministry needs to understand that there are thousands of citizens who will not tolerate the army’s terrible actions - that is how the attacks will stop. 

Together with 2,000 Zazim members, we demanded that Defense Minister Benny Gantz end the abuse against the community and to restore the water containers and essential equipment that the army confiscated.

PHOTO: B’Tselem