Solidarity with the residents of Burin


It was a stirring sight, sparking hope: hundreds of Israeli activists came to the West Bank village of Burin on Friday, February 4th to plant olive trees together with the Palestinian residents. This was just two weeks after masked settlers from the adjacent “Givat Ronen” outpost came down to Burin’s fields and viciously attacked Palestinian farmers and Rabbis for Human Rights activists,  sending several to the hospital with hand and head injuries. 

Hundreds of Zazim members chipped in to make this day of solidarity a reality. We covered the cost of buses that  brought dozens of other Zazim members, rooted in solidarity, refusing despair. Together with many other activists from Rabbis for Human Rights and other groups, we stood side-by-side with Palestinian residents in the face of uncontrolled settler violence. Thank you for being with us!

In the West Bank, Palestinians are suffering because settlers, hell-bent on using any and all means to force them off their lands, attack and abuse them on a daily basis. And we know that they are also suffering because they receive zero protection from the army and the state. When the authorities ignore their obligations, we - a people-powered movement of over 250,000 - are moved to act. We will continue to use our power to stand alongside those targeted with terror. We will continue to act in defense of the rights of Palestinian farmers to live and work in safety.

Photo credit: Keren Manor