We supported Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest


This olive harvest season began, yet again, with settler violence against Palestinian farmers in the West Bank and destruction of their olive trees and private property. In a moving display of solidarity, our community showed up and stood beside Palestinians against the violence they face. Over 1,000 members of Zazim contributed to funding buses of volunteers that assisted the harvest, and dozens more showed up in the field to work shoulder to shoulder with the farmers. 

A record number of 80 volunteers joined the olive harvest in the village of Burin with “Rabbis for Human Rights”. Our donations helped fund buses to the harvest, organized by “the Harvest Coalition” from the village of Jayus near Qalqilya. Bashar, a farmer from Burin said to the volunteers: “Thank you to everyone that came to help us harvest and to be in solidarity with us. It means a great deal to us.”

Despite the Corona dictatorship and the severe economic crisis catching the public’s attention — our community did not give up. This year — like the previous four — our community expressed deep commitment to support of Palestinians and resistance to the occupation. Violence and oppression are the daily routine for Palestinians in the occupied territories. Although we still have a long way to go until that reality will change, we are confident in the power of our community. We are not giving up and we will keep up the fight!