Shoulder to shoulder, we harvested with the farmers in Burin


We stood, dozens deep, shoulder to shoulder with Palestinian farmers to demonstrate that settler violence won’t win. After the awful attack by Yitzhar settlers in Burin against Palestinian farmers and activists from Rabbis for Human Rights, our community sprang into action. Thanks to you, we were able to cover the transportation costs and brought 100 Israeli activists to the harvest.

In recent years, our community has continuously joined the struggle against the occupation and for a better, more just future. We’ve taken action to support the shepherding communities of the Jordan Valley, we’ve brought hundreds of Israelis on tours with Breaking the Silence, we’ve amplified the voices of Gazans living under blockade. And now, for the third year in a row, we showed up to support Palestinian farmers during the harvest.

The occupation hurts millions every day - the fight to end it is a fight for the future of all of us. We’ll keep working, more determined than ever, so that this place will be better for everyone.