End Police Violence - Ohana and Guetta, go home!


Police Chief Superintendent Niso Guetta was filmed attacking a protester, throwing him to the ground and then climbing on top of him and punching him repeatedly. We demanded that the police take an unequivocal stand against violence and make clear to the public that violence has no place in their ranks, especially amongst their most senior officers. To take this stand, and to send this message, Guetta must be fired

Thousands signed our letter and due to the public pressure, the Department of Police Investigations (known by its Hebrew acronym, Machash) served an indictment against the violent police chief for attacking a protester and photographer during the Balfour protests in August. Two additional complaints filed against Guetta were dismissed for insufficient evidence, despite their being filmed. 


When the Minister that oversees the police orders them to use violence against protesters to quash the Balfour demonstrations - it is no wonder that cops follow his lead. In light of Minister Ohana’s dangerous conduct and his efforts to undermine the democratic right to protest, all to save Netanyahu from his criminal proceedings, we demanded that he resign immediately, and thousands of Zazim members joined the call.

Ohana as Public Security Minister is itself the true threat to the security found in the rule of law and in democracy. We can not let his recklessness continue.


We will continue to follow up and demand accountability from the government, from the police, and from Machash: 

violent cops must be brought to trial

, and those harmed by their violence must receive justice.