We stopped Danielle's deportation!


We did it! The Interior Minister gave in to public pressure and has officially allowed Danielle, a seven year old girl, and her mother Kultida, to stay in the country. More than 14,000 Zazim members joined the campaign against the deportation. Thousands signed the petition that Gil Bechar launched using our “My Zazim” community campaign platform, and hundreds more donated to support the protest organized by Danielle’s friends and their parents, together with leading artists. And we succeeded.  

It’s a major and moving achievement. I saw how we built people power, increased impact and influence - and ultimately won. So now, I am inviting you to win with us. Let’s take down the Interior Ministry’s racist policies every time they appear:

Danielle, a second-grader at a Tel Aviv school, and a native-born Israeli citizen, with her mother Kultida who arrived from Thailand, have been living under the threat of deportation for years: Shmulik, Danielle’s father and an Israel citizen, passed away when she was a baby and her mother’s naturalization process was halted due to his death. Ever since, the state has tried every trick it has to deport them.

Stopping the deportation is a huge victory for us and for everyone who was fighting for Danielle and Kultida - we can celebrate today and we can know that we can win again tomorrow, with our member's support.