Our answer to the Coronavirus crisis


Today we launched our new hotline for economic rights - to help thousands who were laid off, can’t afford rent, or otherwise impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. The hotline is a joint initiative with Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) and the Forum for the Fight Against Poverty in Israel. 

The hotline is based on the Rights Center run by RHR, which was forced to close due to the Coronavirus guidelines. Thanks to an application and a digital system developed by Zazim, we moved the Center online. Through the new hotline, we are greatly expanding the support and reach - informing citizens of their rights, aiding them through governmental bureaucracy, and connecting to lawyers and social workers when necessary.

Only thanks to small donations by hundreds of Zazim members were we able to launch - and the hotline itself will be staffed by dozens of volunteers from the Zazim community, specially trained to provide support in Hebrew and Arabic. 

Together, we are placing the building-blocks of a post-Coronavirus society based on mutual aid, justice, and equal rights for all.