We demanded an end to night raids arresting Palestinian children


At the end of June, we joined together with “Parents Against Child Arrests”, “Looking the Occupation in the Eyes”, and “Mothers Against Violence” to the kibbutz where IDF Central Command Head Major General Yehuda Fuchs resides, and we demonstrated to demand that he use his authority to put an end to night raid arrests of Palestinian children - the army’s practice of arresting Palestinian children from their homes in the middle of the night.

So that our message was crystal clear, activists hung posters with Fuchs’s face and the title “Destroyer of Dreams” outside the Central Command headquarters.

Coverage of our protest came instantly, on Ynet, Channel 12’s news site and other media. Thanks to dozens of committed community members that signed on to the call, chipped in to cover costs, or came out to the action, we leveled up the struggle against night raids and brought it to the mainstream.

The action at Fuchs’s house, with its wide coverage, is the continuation of the campaign launched with a petition by ״Parents Against Child Arrests״. We hosted the petition on our site, where it gathered over 3,000 signatures. The campaign will keep on pushing, online and in the streets, until the nightmare of child arrests ends.