This is how we resisted the racist law


With the expiry of the Family Unification Law, we wondered how might our community support the tens of thousands of families whose lives were harmed by this racist law.

We reached out to the Atta'a Assistance Center for the Rights of East Jerusalem Residents, knowing they have many years of experience helping East Jerusalemites navigate the bureaucratic mazes of the state. 

Daoud Alian, the Center’s coordinator, told us that since the law was struck down, hundreds of men and women have come to the Center seeking support. Each person represented a family in need of status-acquisition that would allow them to live together with their children and partners, and receive the full social rights they are owed. The staff at the center simply couldn’t keep up with the families’ massive need.

So the Atta'a Center, hoping to help as many families as possible, asked us if our community would lend a hand by fundraising a salary for a month-long full-time Family Reunification Coordinator, someone to receive requests and process the flood of inquiries. 

The response was rapid: more than 500 Zazim members donated to make the position possible. “Our Coordinator filled out dozens of family reunification applications and processed hundreds of inquiries about status-acquisition, all thanks to the salary that you raised,” Daoud Alian told us. We will continue to struggle for Palestinian rights and for families fighting to live together.

PHOTO: Atta’a Center