Fighting for our lives – yesterday women made history

Women and men from across the country, Arabs and Jews, are saying enough – and demanding government action to end the epidemic of violence against women.

How we beat the anti-democratic “loyalty” law

In the past few days, over 10,000 Zazim members called on key Knesset Members to vote against the anti-democratic “loyalty in arts” bill.

Fighting for the next generation

We refuse to stay silent while the right-wing government rewrites history and continues to encourage violence and hatred.

Putting Bedouin Villages Back on the Map!

Fighting for equality and against the Nation State law.  

A Woman’s Right to Live – the Struggle Continues

The police must act now to prevent the next murder of a woman.

Marching together for equal rights

We have a lot more to do, but together we can win the fight for equality in Israel.

The Answer to Homophobia and Racism: Equality!

We covered Jerusalem with posters ahead of the Pride Parade bearing messages in Hebrew and Arabic for equality.

Update from the Jordan Valley: Stopping settler violence

Our community campaigns and acts against settler violence, resists the occupation and advocates for the rights of Palestinian families.

Fighting religious coercion

Thousands of Zazim members in Israel and abroad  sent a message to President Reuven Rivlin: Israel must be a democratic and pluralistic society!

Brain Science VS. Ofir Akunis

We need to stop the silencing of opposing views today – before it will be too late.