Chip in so everyone will know: segregation must stop!
Juli 10: The Court ruling in the petition we submitted with Physicians for Human Rights regarding the billboard that was taken down by the Kfar Saba Municipality is the best we could have hoped for. The decision is for us to have a meeting with the management at Meir Hospital to discuss possible steps to prevent segregation in the hospital. The censored billboard has already done its job – through widespread media coverage that raised awareness of the issue much more than the billboards that remained intact near the hospitals in Jerusalem. And now we have the rare opportunity to have an impact on what actually goes on in the hospital. We will update you with the developments. May 2: The Kfar Saba Municipality took down our billboard, claiming it is “offensive.” This gravely infringes the freedom of speech of the members who paid for the billboard and silences all those who oppose segregation. On May 10, additional billboards are scheduled to go up near two Jerusalem hospitals and we are preparing to push ahead with our struggle. We will keep you updated. ------ Segregation in hospital maternity wards is still dominating the headlines, and our voice - the majority of the public that opposes segregation – must be heard. It is critical that we drown out the voices of support for segregation and send a message to hospital directors that segregation comes at a price. That is why we created the billboard you see here, and managed to obtain ad space near the relevant hospitals. Running the billboards costs NIS 6,500 – a sum we can easily raise if each and every one of us involved in the campaign to end segregation donates a small amount.  After sending hospital directors our petition, signed by over 2,000 people, it is time for EVERYONE to know that the public opposes segregation. But for that to happen – We need you - Use the form on the right to make a donation – no amount is too small. Public visibility and presence are essential when fighting segregation and racism. It’s the only way to define the limits of legitimacy, what is right and wrong. When our billboards go up near the hospitals, where thousand of people pass each day, everyone will know: Segregation must end in order to create a better present and future for all of us.