We just broke the barrier with Gaza


Nothing could have prepared me for the moment when Waseem, the only clarinet player in Gaza, began playing a slow and beautiful melody for the nearly 200 Israelis who joined the video call with Gazan activists. I turned off my camera, and began to cry.

In the face of the deteriorating situation in Gaza, and increasing incitement against Palestinians by the right – we organized a video call with 10 young activists from Gaza in order to bring their voices directly to Israeli voters – cutting through the fear peddled by TV commentators and cynical politicians.

We succeeded – at least for one evening – to tear down the walls, and replace the headlines with real faces. But we can’t stop here: In less than three weeks, Israelis will be voting to decide their future – and the future of millions of Palestinians under military rule in Gaza and the West Bank without the right to vote.

Our community is working tirelessly to bring the voices of the brave activists from Gaza, the steadfast residents of Hebron, and others, to the center of the election debate. We’ve publicized short videos from our call in order to reach tens and hundreds of thousands more Israeli voters: