Voting in droves


In the last couple of days, Netanyahu’s Likud party and the far-right group Im Tirzu tried to stop our transportation initiative – and prevent Bedouin citizens from voting. But democracy and equality won: their petition was rejected, and 50 minibuses shuttled voters in the Negev from villages to voting stations far away. We are proud to share some images and voices from the election day:


I know people who have never voted – but this time they had transportation, so they came to vote! I’m so proud of this joint Jewish-Arab partnership.” This is what Ma’agel Al-Hawashleh, from the unrecognized Bedouin village Al-Ghara, told us outside the voting station in Tel Sheva.

We succeeded thanks only to the donations of more than 1,500 Zazim members. We stood together to face the endless resources of the Likud and Im Tirzu – and won.

But this is only a first step. The far-right organizations won’t give up easily, and they already appealed to the State Comptroller to stop us. But we’re not worried. Our campaigns and actions are completely legal, and our community is strong and determined. Tomorrow – no matter the election results – we will continue to fight together for equality, democracy, and a better future for all the people in this land.