Special Pre-Election Tour of Hebron


On Friday, March 1st, roughly 200 participants took part in our special tour we organized with Breaking the Silence. A lead-in to the upcoming elections, the tour also marked 25 years to the Baruch Goldstein massacre in Hebron. Zazim wanted to introduce as many Israelis as possible to the inconceivable reality in the segregated and fenced city of Hebron.

Seeing the reality of occupation was an important reminder to ourselves on what we will be voting on in a month’s time.

סיור בחברון6

It’s easy to forget what’s going on in Hebron – the occupation and millions of Palestinians remain hidden behind a concrete wall. As the elections grow nearer, we’ve prepared a video in which the Palestinian residents of Hebron address us, Israelis, reminding us that our vote will determine their future, and that of millions of other Palestinians.

Since the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, Hebron has become a symbol of the occupation and a microcosmos for extremist
settlement movement activity.
The ruined shops; the residents who can only leave their homes by the window, as they are banned from the main street. These are things we cannot get used to, and must not.

Our campaign, “My Vote Is Not Just Mine” talks about the fact that our vote will affect not only ourselves, but the lives of millions of Palestinians who cannot vote to end the occupation and the military rule. After our visit to Hebron on Friday, we believe more strongly than ever that this is the right thing to do.

In the upcoming weeks we will attempt to harness our movement and spread the video for the benefit of the residents of Hebron, and against the occupation. In a reality of increasingly extreme right-wing doctrine, we must keep insisting on our values of freedom and human dignity. We invite you to share this message.

Members of Zazim holding a sign that says “On 9.4., my vote(voice) is not just mine”:

סיור חברון2

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