Moving forward together


The 135,000 members in our movement make me proud. In the last three months our actions and campaigns reached more than 750,000 Israeli citizens – through social networks, the media, and on the ground. Thanks to the incredible mobilization of our members we spurred a public conversation about the occupation, fought back against incitement, and advanced Arab-Jewish partnership. I’m excited to share some of what we accomplished together:

We saw the occupation in Hebron200 Israelis joined us on a mega-tour to Hebron with Breaking the Silence, and we put up thousands of posters throughout the country calling the candidates to come and see the occupation first hand. We filmed a short video – which reached nearly 200,000 Israelis – where Palestinian residents of Hebron call on Israeli voters to remember them in the polling booth, and vote to end the occupation.

We stood up to the Kahanists, and for Arab-Jewish partnership: More than 18,000 Israelis joined our campaign to ban the supremacist Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party from running, and to oppose the racist attempts at disqualifying the Arab parties. Hundreds of Zazim members attended more than 30 town halls, calling on candidates to build a bloc with the Arab parties, and to denounce anti-Arab incitement.

After the elections, we launched a campaign calling to investigate the Likud’s voter suppression campaign, when they placed hidden cameras and sent right-wing activists to “monitor” Arab voting stations. To ensure that we can continue to fight back against the incitement – join us now with a sustaining monthly donation:Yes! I’ll chip in monthly

We built a bridge with Gaza’s youth: Just weeks before the elections, when rockets were falling and the Israeli army bombarded Gaza, we organized a deeply moving and unprecedented video call with young activists in Gaza. Some 200 Israeli citizens joined live, and nearly 40,000 more viewed the short videos we made. In the face of escalating violence we managed to bring a message of hope, and lift some of the most silenced voices – those of Gaza’s residents – to the center of the election debate.

We bused thousands of Bedouins to vote: Thanks to small donations from thousands of Zazim members, we sponsored 50 minibuses that shuttled 5,000 voters from unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev to otherwise inaccessible voting stations. Two days before the elections, Netanyahu’s Likud party set out to prevent the Bedouin citizens from voting, and petitioned the Election Committee to stop our initiative – but our determined members overcame the immense resources and power of the ruling party. 

Last year, more than 14,000 of us campaigned against the discriminatory Jewish Nation-State law. We demonstrated together time and again for equality and against the incitement. The next government will only accelerate the delegitimization of Arab citizens – and we must be ready to fight back. Join us now with a sustaining monthly donation:Yes! I’ll chip in monthly

Like many of us, I woke up on the 10th of April worried and concerned about our future. But I also know that our community is stronger, bigger, and more determined than ever – and I have faith in each of us, that we will be able to turn this power into real change. It will take time and patience, and most importantly, it will require the continued commitment of each and every one of us. I know that together we can do it.

Raluca on behalf of the entire Zazim team