Our right to live

Zahiya and the thousands of Zazim members refused to stay silent any longer and took the fight straight to the police

Another incredible win for refugees!

Over 2,600 Zazim members sent letters to Nissenkorn calling him to accept the refugees’ request – and today we finally received the good news: their request has been accepted

We took down the misleading ad

Thanks to our pressure, the Second Authority determined that the ads must be removed, and any future advertisements by “Efrat” must make clear that the organizations mission is to fight abortions, rather than aide listeners in distress.

Stop Shooting Gazans

When faced with the racism and hatred of the extreme right, and with violence and killing in Gaza, our community raises a voice of justice and hope.

A different voice in Jerusalem

Thanks to hundreds of Zazim members, when Trump’s delegation celebrated the “historical moment” of the embassy move, our posters reminded them of the truthJerusalem is the capital of both peoples.

We Stopped the Deportations!

The massive grassroots resistance against the deportation won – and the government was forced to admit that their plan collapsed.

This is what hope looks like

In less than 48 hours, nearly 4,000 Zazim members joined the call, sharing it widely on social media networks and raising a moral, human voice to counter the hate from Lieberman and the right.

Wake Up and Smell the Racism

Over 5,000 Zazim members called on Aroma to change their offensive guidelines, which bar workers from speaking in Arabic

Stopping deportation flights!

Over 100 Zazim members held a unique demonstration outside the offices of Ethiopian Airlines in Tel Aviv – shining a spotlight on the airline’s role in the deportations

Ben Caspit vs Ahed Tamimi

This is another small but important victory to stop incitement against Palestinians.