A Woman’s Right to Live – the Struggle Continues


Another horrible murder was committed and this time in a community in the Negev. Nora Abu Souleb was murdered on the 12th of August next to her home and the police could have stopped it – they knew Nora was being threatened.


Dozens of activists demonstrated outside the Beer Sheva police station the day after Nora’s murder and demanded the police to protect women.

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The demonstration came as a continuation to the campaign that a Zazim activist Zahiya has led on our website against the murder of women. Zahiya’s petition with 3000 signatures was delivered to the Police in Tel Aviv-Yaffa in June and it was important the Beer Sheva police heard too the call to protect women under such extreme threat.

The call of Arab and Jewish women must be heard all over the country. The police must get serious about protecting women – they must act to find the murderers and they cannot continue to ignore the reports by women under threat.
They must act now to prevent the next murder!